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Turning life to TV drama: Talking "Street Legal"

Roselyn Kelada-Sedra chatting with Steve Lund and Bruce Smith

Remember that discussion about legal drama and growing up with lawyers between us and the showrunner and the lead actor of "Street Legal"? Sabsay Lawyers associate, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra, moderated the opening of the 2019 FOLA spring conference ( A chat with actor Steve Lund and showrunner Bruce Smith revealed the origins of the reboot of "Street Legal" and the season 1 focus on the opioid crisis. 

Addressing Sexual Harassment In The Entertainment Industry

On June 13th, 2018, the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Entertainment, Media & Communication Law section, in collaboration with the Labour & Employment Law section, held a panel , addressing sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Chaired by Roselyn Kelada-Sedra of Sabsay Lawyers and moderated by Alexi Wood of St. Lawrence Barristers LLP, the event featured 3 expert panelists: Jane Angel, General Counsel for the Canadian Film Centre; Stuart Rudner of Rudner Law; and, Victoria Shen, Special Advisor on Human Rights and Sexual Harassment for ACTRA Toronto.

Why companies, not people, own the copyright to films

You are a novice screenwriter. A production company options your first script to produce the film. After the production company produces the film, will you own any portion of the copyright in the film, or will the production company own the copyright in the film in its entirety?

Fair dealing or infringement of "the worst film ever made"? The Room, Room Full of Spoons and The Disaster Artist in the court

"How does it feel to pour your heart and soul into a film, only for it to be ridiculed as history's most atrocious crime against cinema?" Imagine it: Tommy Wiseau, maker of The Room and actor in it, said, more or less, that he understood, the film is famous for being so bad.1

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