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Proactive Lawyering: Protecting our Clients

When someone is accused of a crime, that person's life changes overnight. Whether defendants did anything wrong or not, their lives become subject to the scrutiny of the Crown as soon as the police charge, "assault" or anything like it. To go through the court process is not only costly financially, it costs emotional strain on both the defendant and the defendant's entire support network. When there are children involved, they have to go through the trauma of not knowing if their parent is safe, not knowing if their parent is telling the truth, not knowing if they're going to see their parent go to jail.

Any way of cutting that trauma short is a win. And we earned a big win for our client by getting serious charges withdrawn before a trial date was even set. A good lawyer doesn't only look closely at the disclosure and the evidence we get from the police and the Crown. Good lawyering is about being proactive. We hired a private investigator, who helped us to examine the facts and circumstances ourselves. With that, we were able to show the Crown that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction. So, before we ever had to go head-to-head with the Crown before a judge, we convinced the Crown to drop all charges against our client. That's years of instability and financial and emotional strain that we vanquished for our client and his children. It's a case of serious and sustained work up front, resulting a major win for our client. #advocacy #criminaldefense #lawyered 

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