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Netflix announces new production hub in Toronto

Creative professionals often face obstacles on the road to success. As such, these individuals need to regularly think about their future and ways to protect themselves as they navigate the industry and creative opportunities.

This can be a timely reminder, considering popular streaming service Netflix recently announced it will be setting up a production hub in Toronto. The move is expected to bring more acting and directorial jobs for content creators.

Proceeding with caution

Many people with aspirations in the entertainment industry know the lure of a "big break" or the so-called road to stardom. And having a hub right here could make it easier for locals to achieve these goals.

However, it is important to be diligent and responsible should an opportunity present itself.

Like any occupation, a job in entertainment is still a job. As such, it may require people to sign certain agreements, from contracts to non-disclosure agreements. There can also be documents related to content ownership and rights. These legal elements may not be as alluring as seeing your name in the credits, but they can have a massive impact on your career.

Therefore, having a lawyer familiar with this area of law review contracts and agreements will be important.

More jobs, more opportunity

Netflix says that expanding their presence in Toronto will add roughly 1,850 jobs in the area. This includes work for content creators, actors, makeup artists, directors and other local talent.

Those who anticipate the development say that having a Netflix hub here is particularly attractive. Unlike other companies, Netflix has a reputation for taking risks with content and providing a "one-stop shop" for content creators. As such, it could very well give Canadians a better chance at landing projects and getting them made.

Hopefully, the Netflix hub will bring well-deserved attention to Canadian talent and exciting projects to the area. If it does, it could change lives and define careers. And by taking serious steps to protect yourself legally, you can stay focused on your art so that you can take full advantage of the projects that may come your way.

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