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Crown Invites Acquittal In Assault Trial

Our client was charged with two counts of assault and one of threatening death. On Day 1 of the trial a "witness" to these events was shown to have very faulty memories of the events. The complainant testified and cross examination reserved to today. Upon cross examination, numerous inconsistencies were demonstrated and a clear picture emerged. Our client was merely defending himself against repeated assaults by the complainant. By the end of our cross examination there were significant problems with the Crown's case demonstrated. Our client then testified in a forthright fashion about what had occurred. Over lunch the Crown reassessed its case. Upon resuming before the trial judge the Crown invited the court to dismiss all charges against our client.

Advocacy in Mediation: Knowing when to fight and when to facilitate

We recently concluded a complicated case of civil litigation through mediation and settlement. Sometimes, that is the best way to end the drain on parties, stop the stream of spending on litigation costs and bring clients peace of mind in knowing they got what they needed and ended the dispute.
This article, written by a mediator, discusses some pitfalls that many lawyers fall into in mediations.

The art of contract drafting stems from writing with specificity

"Suit the action to the word, the word to the action..." -Shakespeare. In this, Hamlet's speech to the players applies to contract-drafting, too. That is why #artificialintelligence can never replace a clear-minded lawyer with the art and practice of using the words that mean what you need them to mean. #listen #languagematters  

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