Regulatory Offenses

Experienced Toronto Regulatory Offence Lawyer

Sabsay Lawyers are experienced in representing clients in alleged violations of administrative law, which can have civil and criminal consequences. We represent businesses and individuals in alleged regulatory violations. Some of these violations can lead to fines and incarceration, suspension or revocation of a license, and, in some cases, civil lawsuits or criminal prosecution.

Our practice in this area of law includes cases involving:

  • Liquor License Act of Ontario: The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will join with police to prosecute liquor licensees for offences such as failing to close at proper time. We are experienced in defending clients whose livelihoods depend on their liquor licenses.
  • Competition Act: We defended clients in one of the largest Competition Act cases in Canada - the first one in which prosecutors sought jail sentences for false advertising. In the Benlolo case, the first Competition Act case to result in a jury trial. Lorne Sabsay handled the appeal and the bail hearing.
  • Highway Traffic Act: Including regulatory offences such as careless driving and failing to remain at scene of the accident. These are often referred to as quasi-criminal cases because they can result in incarceration.
  • Hunting regulations: Including deer-jacking, hunting on private property, improper storage of hunting rifles and other hunting licence infractions.

Regulatory offences are complex and can lead to issues in other areas of law. Our lawyers can protect your rights and defend your best interests in the regulatory issue as well as any related criminal or civil prosecutions. To discuss your case, please contact the Sabsay Lawyers for an initial assessment.