Impaired Driving By Drug

Protecting Your Rights In an Impaired Driving By Drug Charge

An impaired driving by drug arrest can have a serious and lasting effect on your life. Just like a conviction for drunk driving, a conviction for a drug impaired driving will result in your license being automatically suspended for at least one year. The lack of transportation can affect your ability to hold a job while the conviction on your record can make getting a new one more difficult. If you are a licensed professional, an impaired driving conviction can jeopardize your professional license. That is all in addition to the fines and the potential jail time associated with the sentence itself.

When the consequences are this serious, it is important to be represented by an experienced trial lawyer with a long record of success in impaired driving cases involving drugs. At Sabsay Lawyers, in Toronto, we will protect your rights and pursue your best interests in all legal venues.

As we do with alcohol impairment cases, we will investigate to determine whether authorities fulfilled their duties and responsibilities under the law. For example, did the officer follow proper procedures when stopping your vehicle, advising you of your rights, performing any searches, and in requesting and administering any tests? Were you given the opportunity to speak to a lawyer before being asked to submit to a field sobriety or drug test? Were the tests themselves properly administered by people who were adequately trained in their administration?

Experienced in Impaired By Drug Defence

Because of our experience defending clients charged with drug possession and drug trafficking, we are well-versed in the nature and effects of various drugs, from marijuana and khat to ketamine, cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs, such as OxyContin. This knowledge can allow us to point out mistakes made by drug recognition experts/evaluators (DREs) who may try to draw mistaken conclusions about our clients' state of sobriety, or render an opinion about what type of drug they may have been impaired by, based on observation of the client's behaviour.

Impaired by drug cases, like drunk driving cases, are complicated. Successful results often hinge on the lawyer's knowledge of the law and the science involved, and the ability to apply the law to the specific facts of the case. As in impaired driving by alcohol cases, we encourage you to carefully consider who is best suited to protect your rights and your best interests.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, please contact Sabsay Lawyers to arrange an initial consultation.