Immigration Act Charges

Avoid Deportation, Act Now On Your defence

Many immigrants to Canada are aware that a violation of the Immigration and Refuge Protection Act can result in deportation. Some may be unaware, however, that certain breaches of this Act can also result in criminal charges. An individual who provides false information in his or her application for citizenship or permanent resident status, for example, could be tried, convicted and serve time in jail in Canada and then possibly face deportation.

At Sabsay Lawyers, we defend clients who are facing criminal charges under the immigration act. Our Toronto lawyers work diligently to minimize the impact of immigration-related criminal charges on our clients' immigration status and protect their right to re-enter Canada in the future.

Criminal Charges And Deportation - GTA Law Firm

Misrepresentations on an immigration application can lead to criminal charges in addition to deportation. For example, if you entered into a marriage of convenience in order to demonstrate you meet the residency requirements in order to gain citizenship, you could face criminal charges for immigration fraud.

Conviction for fraud could result in jail time. Additionally, a conviction coupled with a removal order could bar you from returning to Canada in the future. If you were removed and there was no criminal conviction, you may be able to return to Canada in two years.

In order to protect your right to re-enter Canada in the future, it is important to seek skilled criminal defence counsel. Our lawyers have had experience successfully defending against immigration-related charges.

Having handled both criminal and civil cases, we are able to provide our clients with skills from both practice areas. From the civil side, we understand the importance of thorough investigation and trial preparation. On the criminal side, our lawyers have nearly 30 years of combined experience providing skilled trial advocacy for defendants.

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