Your Civil Liberties Are Rights Granted By The Constitution

Wherever police and state actions intersect with private lives, Charter rights issues can arise.

At Sabsay Lawyers, our goal is to protect your civil liberties guaranteed to you under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We have successfully stayed the criminal prosecutions. We are also proficient at bringing Charter applications for illegally obtained evidence and having it excluded by proving that your Charter rights were violated.

Charter rights issues are too often ignored by defence lawyers and other legal professionals, to the detriment of their clients. We review all cases for potential violations of our clients' Charter rights.

Toronto Civil Liberties Lawyers Protecting Your Rights And Freedom

Our lawyers pursue cases involving violation of our clients' right to:

  • Life, liberty and security of the person
  • Be free from unreasonable search or seizure
  • Not be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned
  • Be informed promptly of the reasons for any arrest or detention and be released if the reasons are not valid
  • Have a lawyer, if you are arrested
  • A fair and public trial within a reasonable time, by an impartial tribunal, if you are charged with a crime
  • Not give evidence against yourself
  • Be presumed innocent
  • Be free from cruel and unusual punishment
  • Be granted reasonable bail if appropriate
  • A court-appointed interpreter

The legal rights above are in addition to the fundamental freedoms (association; peaceful assembly; conscience and religion; and thought, belief, opinion and expression) and the democratic, mobility and language rights guaranteed by the Charter.

Meticulous Scrutiny Of The Facts

When we prepare a case, we put police conduct under a microscope. Issues as seemingly basic as if you were allowed to visit the restroom while being detained by police can constitute a violation of the Charter of Rights.

Other examples of common Charter of Rights issues we are faced with in our practice are:

  • Failure to access, facilitate or advise the suspect of his or her right to speak to a lawyer in a language the suspect can understand
  • Failure to provide a certified translator at trial
  • Search warrants or warrantless searches
  • Excessive force used by the police
  • Search and seizure of evidence illegally obtained
  • Unlawful detention for investigative purposes
  • Unreasonable delay

If you were arrested and believe your civil rights have been violated in the process, please contact Sabsay Lawyers to arrange an initial consultation and case evaluation. Call us toll free at 1-888-541-7868.