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Protecting Your Rights And Dignity

Our unparalleled advocacy skills help clients to reduce possible jail time, pay as few fines as possible and recover their freedom and reputation. We help protect your interests.

Sabsay Lawyers provides legal advice in criminal law, civil litigation, tribunal advocacy and entertainment law. What makes us unique is our expertise in effectively representing our clients in the crossover, where criminal charges may intersect with civil litigation or tribunal matters or the other way around.

With over three decades of combined experience, we access the strengths of your case and predict possible criminal, civil or tribunal interplay that might arise. If you feel your rights have been violated or that you have been treated unfairly, we are here to help make it right.

Offering A Unique Perspective On Intersecting Legal Issues

As your lawyers, we offer a broad range of legal services.

Criminal and civil matters may not exist in isolation from each other. Instead, there is an underlying intersection between these areas, which demands a higher level of skill and wider breath of knowledge.

With us as your lawyers, you do not need to hire several, separate law firms — one with criminal law expertise, another with civil litigation skills and yet another that practices entertainment law, plus another for tribunal advocacy. We have the experience, skills and dedication to offer you options, protection and results in all these areas.

Our Broad Range Of Legal Services

Our services include criminal practice intersecting with civil and tribunal matters such as white collar crimes (including money laundering, fraud and theft, and bank fraud), impaired driving charges, drug crimes, assault, sexual assault, domestic assault, weapons offences, regulatory offences, immigration act charges, corporate and commercial litigation, contract litigation, wrongful dismissals, academic and specialized tribunal matters, and professional disciplinary proceedings.

We also handle matters relating to your self-defence and civil liberties. Depending upon the facts of your case, we may even be able to appeal your conviction.

Our principal lawyer, Lorne Sabsay, is certified as a criminal law specialist by the Law Society of Upper Canada. On the other side of the practice, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra brings her firsthand experience in the entertainment industry to her work with Sabsay Lawyers.

Let Our Experience Work for You

At Sabsay Lawyers, our clients not only entrust us with their legal problems but work with us to generate creative, constructive solutions.

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